Top three mistakes people make when filing bankruptcy

Hiring a social security disability lawyer is in your best interests as studies indicate that social security administration of the United States rejects almost seventy percent of the disability claim applications that it receives. This is nothing to get depressed about but only an indication of how tough it would be to get your application approved by conforming to the stringent regulations specified.


Most people do not know what to do or where to seek advice after being disabled. Majority of people tend to get influenced by hearsay and end up not filing a disability claim at all. While it is a tough task to get social security disability benefits it does not mean that you avoid filing an application and reconcile to your fate. Some people file for disability long after the accident occured. This will reduce your chances of getting an approval. Avoid the mistake of delaying your application or not filing a claim. Consult a reputable social security disability lawyer who will guide you properly.

Incorrect Application

Your disability application form is an important document that has to be filled in carefully. You will have to fill in the recent work history, salary drawn, and other relevant details properly. Any minor error will lead to your application being rejected in the admission stage itself. It would be prudent to seek the help of an able social security disability lawyer in this regard.

Insufficient Proof

After admitting your claim the SSA forwards it to the Disability determination Agency of your state. It will go through the available medical records, talk to experts concerned and also cross examine you to verify the facts of the case and determine the severity of disability.

It is important that you visit the doctor regularly and maintain a record of the hospital visits, medications prescribed, etc. You should also keep track of all of the expenses that you have because of your disability. These will serve as proof to substantiate your claim.

Improper Presentation

You should maintain a written record of the various problems you are encountering in your daily life as a result of the disability. You should show this to the ssd lawyer who will use it to present the claim in a way that will increase your chances of winning. If you don’t present enough evidence that your disability is severe enough then you don’t stand a good chance of winning.

Missed Appointments

It is very important for you to furnish information requested on time and also meet deadlines. There are thousands of applications pending with the SSA and they are not going to wait for you. Your claim could be rejected or disapproved if you miss appointments.


If your claim is rejected the first time you can appeal for reconsideration. Many people make the mistake of filing a fresh application which will only delay the process further.


You can appeal for a hearing or sue the SSA if your claim is rejected even after reconsideration. Consult the ssd lawyer to learn about the various options available. Do not lose hope and quit.